2020 IFDC (The 12th IFDC ) adding Handbag included
Dear CIFA Colleagues,

Subject: 2020 IFDC (The 12th IFDC ) adding Handbag included.

Greetings from Taipei.

In accordance with the decision made by the 2019 CIFA Board of Directors Meeting, Handbag will be included in the
2020 IFDC ( the 12th IFDC ). However, no further details about the Hangbag were discussed in the 2019 CIFA Board of
Directors meeting which was held in Guangzhou on 27th May 2019.

We suggest the following points can be helpful to set up the rules for adding the Hangbag included in the 2020 IFDC:
(1) The Hangbag sample can be made of any kind of material such as leather, man-made leather, textiles, etc.
Category: Open and free
(2) One piece of the design sample should be submitted to the IFDC
( for Individual Group & Enterprise Group-Final Assessment )
(3) Design layout should be illustrated on an A3 hardboard ( size:295 mm x 420 mm )
(4) Design layout with information on the usage of color and material
(5) English is the only language for presentation.
(6) Eligibility will be canceled for an overdue submission according to the sample arrival date.
Please give enough time for sample delivery before the deadline.
(7) When competition finishes, the design layout will not be returned.
(8) The Contest should be liable for the material fees for sample making
(9) Copyright & Production Right ( Please refer to the 2020 IFDC APPLICATION FORM )
(10) Assessment Criteria: Same as footwear, please refer to the 2020 IFDC APPLICATION FORM
(12) Declaration: Please refer to the 2020 IFDC Application Form
(13) Prize: Handbag competition is not included in the Scholarship Project of Gold, Silver, and Bronze Award
at this time.
(14) Please feedback your comment before 20th December 2019

Thanking you and looking forward to your earlier response.
We wish you a happy new year!

Frank Z Kung
Wednesday 11 December